Nicholls has produced critically acclaimed choreographic works over the past two decades that have received global exposure. KND creates original works and offers dynamic choreographic projects tailor-made to challenge and reveal the individual talents of the participants. In youth group, vocational school and professional settings KND uses distinctive, fast and intricate movement language that invigorates and pushes dancers to their limits. Working with generative processes that consistently expand both cognitive and physical prowess, KND creates from a broad and idiosyncratic palette of invention. KND delivers choreographic residencies and commissions both in the UK and abroad. Excerpts of KND repertoire

Cutting edge style – the dancers revelled in it.

Dance Europe
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KND’s exceptional creative teaching and learning skills are highly sought after worldwide. Using a wide range of evolved teaching methods, KND leads innovative, energised and empathic experiences of dance in the studio for all ages and standards. In popular demand for both technique and compositional courses – open and master – the classes delight and inspire young people and professionals alike. Technically, the fast-paced workshops fuse Limon and release-based techniques with a thorough, athletic and energetic approach. KND offers a range of safe training and performance opportunities for dancers and artists in the form of classes, workshops and residencies integrating inclusive practice, original thinking and intellectual curiosity. ResCen project in Beijing, 2009 | Teaching and creating in Cuba 2009

Kerry blasts her positive energy to every corner of the room

Faith Prendergast, Rambert School graduate
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Creative Coaching

KND has a passion for coaching and supporting young, professional and leading talent. Kerry brings her demonstrable experience to help artists learn more about themselves through encouragement, provocation and strategic intervention.

Since mentoring and coaching worldwide for the past decade, Kerry has formulated feedback mechanisms that promote transparent dialogue both inside and outside of the studio, providing an honest groundwork for change. At the heart of KND’s Creative Coaching is the desire to place the individual artist at the centre of their own learning and to empower them to shape their own opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

Kerry always manages to know when to push, support or just give a knowing wink of confidence. Her business acumen is attuned to her artistic credentials and her coaching is methodical, outcome driven and focussed on achieving the most from you. Above all, what’s important to me is that Kerry genuinely cares about my progression and this only strengthens our relationship to make things move forward and achieve what I didn’t know I could do.

Tom Hobden, Artistic Director of UNIT
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Artistic Consultancy

KND is connected to a wide international arts network and is strongly placed to offer articulate and insightful advice for leaders and organisations. After designing curricula and syllabi for dance programmes and departments at educational institutions including; the English National Ballet School, The Royal Ballet School, and the prestigious D.A.N.C.E programme for the Company Wayne McGregor artistic team, Nicholls’ artistic knowledge and intellectual standpoint adds impact and reassurance within her advisory capacity roles. As an unbiased, forward-thinking, external sound board for both educational and performative strands, she can advise on career development, project management and recruitment, teacher training programmes, curriculum analysis and organisational re-structuring. She affords teams, artists and leaders the time and support to think critically and proactively about their place in the sector.

Kerry’s work is always of the highest standards. She is able to challenge, support and further careers.

Prof. Jason Beechey, Rector, Palucca University of Dance, Dresden
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Music Collaboration

Over the course of twenty years, Nicholls and composer David Walters have developed a unique language and system integrating movement and sound into a dynamic, rhythmic and textural form. Both in the studio and on stage, their extraordinary team style has inspired both practitioners and audiences. Using discussion forums and task workshops to provoke fresh collaboration, courses are designed for teachers and musicians with an enthusiasm for exploring new synergistic methods to ignite their daily practice in the studio. Listen to David Walters’ sonic textures

If you get an opportunity to take class with Kerry & David, GRAB IT.

Shahla Tarrant, Professional Dance Artist


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Choreographic Mentoring

KND has ambition for nurturing choreographic talent. With sensitivity and experience, KND uses various feedback systems that encourage a driving yet honest transaction in the studio, inspiring dance makers to make the most of vital evaluation dialogue. As a keen observer of creative potential, Kerry enables makers to interrogate past processes and experience new approaches that will allow them to expand their choreographic skill set, equip themselves with new creative tools, and empower them to create exceptional work.

The first time we worked with Kerry was one of the best growth spurts. She has been the best mentor that a dancer and budding choreographer could ask for!

Robia and Ajani, BRIT School graduates
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KND demonstrates positive leadership within artistic projects with visible, passionate dedication to the art form. Celebrating cooperation and collaboration, KND delivers imaginative and creative projects with deep rooted managerial experience in large scale projects. With experience directing successful projects such as ‘Street Stories 2012 and 2014’ for East London Dance and the Royal Opera House and the ReFresh project in conjunction with Sadler’s Wells and The Place, KND equips and motivates participants to extend their capabilities. Opening clear communication channels which support reflection and critical thinking with civility, KND employs coherent strategies that can effect artistic change. ‘ReFresh’ project 2011 produced by The Place and Sadler’s Wells

Kerry’s ability to strike the right balance between encouraging and challenging, nurturing and questioning, making strategic interventions and stepping back, quite simply inspires young people to create exceptional work and go beyond what they think they are capable of.

Paul Reeve, Chief Executive, Into Film
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