Professional Masterclasses

KND Masterclasses are two-hour fast-paced, energetic and athletically demanding classes using the foundations of Limon technique and exploring a kinetic use of spatial architectonics with an attention to momentum, qualitative change and musical sensibility. The KND Professional Masterclass Series features live music and restricted numbers and masterclasses are followed by one hour of networking, encouraging the opportunity to connect with fellow dancers.

The Professional Masterclass Series – October 2018

After application, Professional Masterclass Series participants are selected via CV and show reel footage. This ensures that the group consists of genuine established artists, affording the most appropriate setting so as to push high quality professional development training.

Within both a rigorous and nurturing environment, these classes utilise Kerry’s coaching, reflection and teaching techniques. This person-centred experience empowers the participant by instilling confidence and honing skills that can be applied after the masterclass itself.

The KND Professional Masterclass experience can be amplified by booking a one-to-one Creative Coaching session with Kerry in the afternoon during the Masterclass week. These hour-long sessions enable a holistic and defined groundwork for change and are offered at a discounted rate for those participating in the morning masterclass.


Technically challenging, musically enhancing and artistically inspiring. KND offers a brilliant concept for professional training and development that is unique in London and urgently needed on a regular basis. Absolutely brilliant!

2013 Participant
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