KND’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

KND is committed to listening deeply to, amplifying the voices of, and shaping our actions based on the leadership of black and ethnic minority artists, colleagues, partners, and friends. 

We stand with you, and move with you, towards a more embodied, resilient, and fair world. 
In order to genuinely action this, we are making time within our company and planning for both reflection and action, and for being pro-active about implementing new learning. Throughout this year and moving into next, we hope to make these shifts more visible. 

We aim to: 

  • Continue investing in the professional development of black and ethnic minority artists, and inspire their empowered leadership within our activities, services and opportunities.  
  • Review and promote the recruitment of a more inclusive participant community within our current online offerings, and within our studio spaces next year.
  • Retain, maintain and expand a more inclusive creative team during our studio activities, and within our Advisory Board.   
  • Identify and engage black and ethnic minority volunteer advisory ambassadors, who can assess our engagement programmes and services and opportunities in terms of racial equity
  • Refresh the framework that evaluates how our activities are promoted, and who this promotion benefits.  
  • Redouble our efforts to partner with black and ethnic minority communities.
  • Share resources and create intentional, accessible platforms for all of our participants to experience KND opportunities – instilling the understanding that all who engage with us are accountable for creating a shared environment of belonging.  
  • Sustain KND’s zero-tolerance environment for abusive and racist comments within our spaces, studios and online capacities.  
  • Repeatedly reinforce and demonstrate our KND diversity policy“We continue to welcome and value the positive impact that difference has on our work, our activities, and the KND community as a whole.”  

We have work to do, and we urge our KND community to join us in advancing racial justice and societal change. 

We have been introduced to the profoundly humanising and anti-racist work of The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) in New Orleans. We stand in solidarity with this PISAB’s statement.  

These times are a call to respond more and react less.

We at The People’s Institute believe we…
1. Undo Racism
2. Understand, Share and Celebrate Culture
3. Re-examine and Learn from History
4. Analyze the Manifestations of Racism
5. Undo Internalized Racial Oppression
6. Develop Leadership
7. Maintain Accountability
8. Network
9. Reshape Gatekeeping

For further information please visit their website:

If you live here in the UK, here are four ways you can get involved with Black Lives Matter…

  • Support Black Lives Matter UK
  • Follow @ldnblm for protest dates, instructions on protest safety, and tips for supporting BLM if you can’t attend rallies in person
  • Demand justice for Belly Mujinga by signing the petition. We want her case reopened and those responsible for her death to be held accountable
  • Shop at Black-Owned Businesses. Start with Shoppe Black, a global platform featuring Black-owned businesses in the diaspora

This round-up of books, videos, and resources is a starting point for anti-racism education and learning.

You can expect to hear more from us as we move through the work ahead together—and we hope to hear from you too. We invite you to give us your feedback on how KND might best continue to evolve as a company that is accountable to its goals as we all work to learn and grow together.
Please do not hesitate to be in touch with your feedback, resources, and contributions.

In solidarity, always listening and learning… 

Kerry and The KND Team