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Our Vision…

We empower dance artists and organisations to live their values and transform themselves in an uncertain world.

Our Mission…

We exist to provide a brave environment where individuals, organisations and communities can move, train, exchange and create.

 Our Values and Spirit…

Driven by Kerry’s own curiosities to get to the heart of the matter, KND have an unfaltering belief that we can find the very best work in each and every person we engage with.


  • we believe the body offers the most powerful opportunity to transform values into action
  • we allow trust and growth to develop, moving towards the fullest version of ourselves
  • we are process orientated, digging-in and working-out from joy
  • we nurture through rigour and constantly strive for standards of excellence
  • we relish bringing people together, building connections, and are driven to make things happen

Diversity to KND means….

  • Ensuring that no one with curiosity and talent is overlooked
  • Ensuring that our approaches to the people we work with aren’t dictated by labels

We embrace all of you, regardless of your culture, class, gender, background, age, training, style, sexual orientation, preferred gender pronouns, colour of skin, physical or mental disability, parental responsibilities, religion, or history.

We welcome and value the positive impact that difference has on our work, our activities, and the KND community as a whole.

Click here to read KND’s Commitment to Anti-Racism.

Our History…

Over the past seven years, KND has established itself as a strong and influential voice within dance organisations and institutions in the UK and internationally.

In 2012, we delivered our first masterclass series and have led these at least three times each year since – with 2017, 2018 and 2019 being sold-out on all occasions. With support from the Arts Council England and the Linbury Trust, we piloted our first Performance Mentoring Programme (PMP) at English National Ballet studios. Fast becoming our flagship programme, the PMP has supported established artists in 2015 and 2017, with the latter being hosted at Studio Wayne McGregor as part of their FreeSpace programme.

In 2018, DanceXchange and Sampad (South Asian Arts and Heritage) announced KND as one of their Artistic Associates for their Centre for Advanced Training for South Asian and Contemporary Dance (CAT) as it enters its’ tenth year.  KND will steer the CAT’s artistic leadership and vision for the next three years, and ensure training and mentoring of an exceptional standard.

In recent years, KND has built strong partnerships worldwide – specifically in the USA – and our Creative coaching work is renowned across the globe, with International leaders and organisations accessing our support. In 2018, Liz Lerman (MacArthur Fellow) became our International Advisor. 

To create a cornerstone for the escalation of our work, we established our Advisory Board in 2016. Created alongside leaders with whom we share values, we regularly meet to discuss how we devise, deliver and think. KND works collaboratively to rethink the spaces for joint deliberation, experience and imagination, and continually strives to offer a broader, more flexible expression of what KND can be for more people.