KND has a passion for coaching and supporting professional and leading talent. Kerry is one of the UK’s most sought after dance artists and Creative Coaches, and brings her demonstrable experience to help artists learn more about themselves through encouragement, provocation and strategic intervention. Her success lies in her motivational and empathic approach making her in demand by world-class organisations, leaders, companies and individuals who book sessions at all stages of their development.

Since mentoring and coaching worldwide for the past decade, Kerry works hard to genuinely understand her clients and provides targeted, realistic road maps to improved career progression, leadership development, and well-being through direct guidance, motivation and support. She has formulated feedback mechanisms that promote transparent dialogue both inside and outside of the studio, providing tools to help take action and create an honest groundwork for lasting, positive change. At the heart of of this work, is the desire to place the individual artist at the centre of their own learning and to empower them to shape their own opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

Kerry’s approach is one of partnership, providing both challenge and support, connecting the achievement between potential and creative outcome. It builds resourcefulness, self-awareness and resilience, all essential qualities for the 21st century artist.

Creative coaching with KND purposefully creates a space for self reflection and goal setting, promoting deeper questioning into ones self, what you would like do, when and how. I find KND Creative Coaching unbelievably beneficial and over the years it has offered that missing piece of the jigsaw in order to move forward.