KND’s unique insight and International experience in the creative industries is harnessed to offer bespoke consultancy for small, medium and large organisations looking to investigate and question their creative and management practices. Kerry’s artistic knowledge and intellectual standpoint adds impact and reassurance within her advisory consultancy roles.

Past projects where Kerry has fulfilled extensive consultancy work and devised evaluation strategies include the PEER Mentoring Programme for Studio Wayne McGregor, In-Step Dance Company and DanceEast CAT. Kerry is currently completing a one-year consultancy scope for English National Ballet where she is assessing the quality of the training for the company dancers, and supporting the company move into their new building later in 2019.

Whilst encouraging and supporting organisations to create the environments where they will thrive and flourish, Kerry offers confidential advice and guidance for clarifying vision. Developing leadership skills within the team and handling situations with integrity and sensitivity, KND strives to increase impact and influence in the sector.

As an unbiased, forward-thinking, external sound board for both educational and performative strands, she can advise on career development, project management and recruitment, teacher training programmes and organisational re-structuring. She affords teams, artists and leaders the time and support to think critically and proactively about their place in the industry.