KND Opportunities

Remaining responsive to the rapid changes in the work and life within the Creative Industries worldwide, KND devises, delivers and champions innovative platforms to facilitate and assist individuals to understand the depth of their creative abilities.

We actively encourage BAME and disabled applicants to apply to participate in our opportunities. We value the positive impact that difference has on our work, our opportunities and the KND community as a whole.

A very special offer from KND…

KND Creative Coaching via digital systems (for a limited time only) at our heavily-reduced Masterclass rate of £60 for a session of one hour.

The Coaching Circle

As part of KND’s professional development offer, we are excited to announce the pilot of a new Creative Coaching initiative for established artists from across the international dance sector.


It exceeded all expectations. This course is 100% relevant and should be a vital part to dancers’ welfare and support. It totally enforces positivity – which is integral to us as performers and as humans. It’s a beautiful idea and one that has to be pushed.

PMP Participant

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