Creative Coaching

Kerry is a Senior Coach with many years of hands-on experience. Fusing all aspects of her extensive mentoring work and European Coaching Certificate training, she enjoys transmitting confidence and a sense of energy and possibility in others. 

KND Creative Coaching encompasses mentoring, coaching, goal setting and life planning strategies, and Kerry has developed language and techniques for building success. There are options for individuals, companies and organisations to book sessions with Kerry at all stages of their development. Kerry has experience of coaching individuals whilst in training, post graduation or as an established artist or leader – and is also currently influencing many budding mentors to begin their journey in supporting others. These one-to-one sessions are offered as both singular sessions or as part of a series.

KND Creative Coaching

Kerry’s coaching approach is one of partnership, providing both challenge and support, connecting the achievement between potential and creative outcome. It builds resourcefulness, self-awareness and resilience, all essential qualities for the 21st century artist. At the heart of her coaching is the desire to place the individual at the centre of their learning and to be the leader of their own empowerment. Many of our participants report increased creative energy, clarity, focus and confidence to achieve their full potential.

KND Creative Coaching is a holistic process that focusses on the whole artist, exploring their goals both inside and outside the studio. To achieve this, the process begins by Kerry seeing the individual at work – either live in the studio or via digital footage – and then using this information to tailor the one-to-one coaching sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Creative Coaching could work for you personally do contact or go to our ‘Connect with KND’ page and send us a message.


  • Working with Kerry becomes a journey of investigation, personal enquiry and genuine care.

    Hannes Langolf, Artist
  • Kerry collects the best knowledge, skills and experience from her various roles and jobs to share generously with independent artists, encouraging and challenging them to become the best they can possibly be. Our dance sector is so much richer for her contribution.

    Theresa Beattie, Arts Consultant
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